The Advantages of Unstructured Play in Child Development

Sep 21, 2022 Post by Lucy Carter

Play, without the use of technology, is one of the most effective ways for a child's mental and physical development. Learn the significance of incorporating 1 to 2 hours of independent, unstructured play into your child's daily routine.

Do you want your children to do something educational? Then let them play! Play is the most natural way for children to learn. It's one of the best ways for kids to grow and improve their mental and physical abilities.

But not just any kind of play. Children require plenty of unstructured, independent play. This type of play excludes watching television, playing video games, or using technology. When your children play alone, with siblings, or with friends, they are engaging in independent play, which is defined as play that occurs without adult intervention.

Playing also helps to develop:
◾ Mental abilities such as problem-solving and cause and effect
◾ Ability to communicate verbally
◾ Imagination and creativity
◾ Social skills
◾ Fine and gross motor skills
◾ Coordination of the hands and eyes

Unfortunately, many children today have never had to learn how to play and entertain themselves. They've always had some form of technology to keep them entertained. As a result, when they are unable to use technology, they become bored.

However, unstructured play is critical to the development of children's basic competency skills. That is why, whether your children want it or not, independent playtime should be a part of their daily routine.

It is possible to teach children to entertain themselves. Children simply require downtime away from screens and adult-organized activities to develop it. As a result, make sure your children get at least an hour or two of unstructured, independent play per day. Make it a part of your children's daily routine.

Children must learn how to occupy themselves productively away from screens. When your children learn to entertain themselves, they will no longer be bored and pestering you for entertainment. Win, win! Good for the kids. Good for Mom!

You may need to spend some time at first teaching your children how to play and entertain themselves. Which you can do with our toys because they all encourage unstructured and independent play. Browse through our store to find the best one for your child.

Or there are other things like:
◾ Color
◾ Paint
◾ Cut and paste
◾ Glue and glitter
◾ Make paper airplanes
◾ Build model cars or airplanes

So don't be afraid to make your children temporarily unhappy if you're doing what's best for them. And the best thing for them is, to turn off the TV, put away their devices, and learn how to play.