Mar 25, 2022 Post by Lucy Carter

These easy to make toys won’t break the bank, and your kids will have fun helping to make them! Your kids will have something new to play with, and you won’t even have to head to the toy store!

1) Googly eyes combine to create goofy DIY play dough! Find many easy recipes online to put together this colourful fun activity.


2) Mismatched gloves become cuddly monster friends!

You can find all you need in your nearest crafts store or op shop.

3) Is there a more classic child made toy than the tin can drum?

Have fun painting the can first, Once dried you simply help your little one to wrap a ballon over the top. (Its best to use more than one baloon layer like Quirky Momma shows in her tin can drum DIYs. Consider adding some rice, pasta or small stones to make your tin can drum into a shaker.


4) You can find tons of tutorials on you tube as well as blogs on how to make some of these amazing DIY spinning tops.


5) There’s tons of musical fun to have with these homemade maracas!


6) These gorgeous sensory bottles by pink pistachio may look simple, but they’re so mesmerizing to play with! Jump over to there website to read more!


7) These adorable little clothes spin cars are so fun to race!


To make one car, you need


Two twist ties

Four buttons, preferably equal in size, and at least 1" in diameter. If you are using two different sizes, pick the larger ones for the back wheels so they are like real race cars. clothes peg.

2 short bits of a not-too-narrow straw, just a little longer than the width of the clothes peg

One small button


For full instructions on how to make these cute cars check out this link:

Peg cars

8) Playsilks are a great open ended toy for unstructured play time - your child’s imagination can turn them into almost anything!


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